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It would be easy for us to tell you what life is like at Bulten and why you would love being a part of the future of our business and operations, but we thought it would be better to let some of our people tell you for themselves. We are proud of our employees and here’s what some of them say.

“Bulten places great emphasis onenabling its personnel to develop.

ILONA SZŁAPA, Project Manager fordevelopment and operation of the new surface treatment department in Radziechowy-Wieprz, Poland.

I’ve worked in the fastener segment forthe past ten years and joined Bulten in autumn 2016. I’m a qualified engineer,and during my first year with Bulten I completed my doctoral thesis in thefield of surface treatment. My thesis has been an ongoing challenge since 2013so it was tremendously satisfying to finally complete it. It’s basically aboutthe mechanical durability of corrosion protection in fasteners. The reason Iwas interested in Bulten was partly because the company is a major globalplayer with a lot of exciting customers worldwide. I also knew that Bultenplaces great emphasis on enabling their personnel to develop, and that appealedto me.  My job focuses on setting up thenew surface  treatment department at theplant in Poland: building up the unit, being responsible for layout,making  sure the equipment ends up in theright place, and eventually starting it all up. It’s a great challenge  and my thesis work comes in really useful.

What do you do outside of work? I liketo stay active and do everything from swimming and yoga to skiing in thewinter.  I also like to watch historicalfilms, especially from my favourite period which is 17th century France. I lookforward to spending the summer in the Polish lake region of Masuria.

“We work with experience exchange andvisit other plants in the Group, which is a good way of exchanging knowledgeand building networks.

FRANK SIKORA, Head of Cold ForgingDepartment, Bulten Germany.

The corporate culture is the main reasonI enjoy working at Bulten so much. It’s an open workplace with a great sense ofcommunity, and it spans across Bulten’s various production plantsworldwide.   We work with experienceexchange and visit other plants in the Group, which is a good way of exchangingknowledge and building networks. I personally have visited the plants in Sweden,Poland and Russia. We work very well together and help each other out, bothwith practical solutions and when additional capacity is needed. I’ve been atthe Bulten plant in Bergkamen, Germany, for almost 25 years. I started off asan operator in cold forging, and after a few years I took over as assistanthead of department. In 2003 I was appointed Head of Department, which  I still am today. I’m very pleased with theway I’ve been able to develop at Bulten and enjoy my job a lot.

 My main challenge as Head of Department rightnow is recruiting new people with the right skills. We have several retirementscoming up, and to really capitalize on our experienced colleagues’ expertise,we’re planning to bring in apprentices so the knowledge can be passed on to anew generation.

What do you do outside of work? 

After a hard day, I like to drive homewith a great sense of satisfaction over a job well done working with myteam.  As well as having a great job, Iget a lot of energy from spending time with my family, friends and dog.

“It’s challenging to find solutionsthat  meet customers’ needs anddevelop  the business.

EDITH WANG, Managing Director of Bultenin China

If I had to choose two words to describemy job, I’d choose  challenging andexciting. It’s challenging to find solutions that meet customers’ needs and develop the business, yet also excitingwith all the opportunities we at Bulten have ahead of us. The best thing aboutthe job is to retain our customers’ confidence with growing orders. It’s firmproof that we’re working in the right way and getting  our priorities right.  I started working for Bulten in 2013 as anexecutive assistant. I was later put in charge of the HR department, and inJanuary 2017 I was appointed Managing Director of the Chinese company. It’s a tremendously enjoyable, developmentaljourney I’m on with Bulten. My ambition as an MD is, together with the personnel, to find efficient workingmethods and approaches to enable us to achieve our common goals.

What do you do outside of work? Apartfrom the energy I get from inspiring work days, I like to recharge my batteries with exercise, primarily fitnessyoga and swimming. I also like  totravel. It gives me a broader perspective of the world, which is very useful in my career.  My latest trip took me to New Zealand, anexciting, beautiful country with a lot to offer.